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Living out the gospel of grace in our relationships.

 1st John 3:1

“δίδωμι- Didōmi.”

  September 10, 2023


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Providence Presbyterian Church


Gastonia, NC



The Institute for Theology and Mission


Counseling and Care For Souls
Spring 2024
In a fallen world we experience many bitter fruits—humans who sin and are sinned against, sickness and mental illness, and as a result, brokenness and pain. Take Counseling and Care for Souls with Dr. Steve Benson to learn a biblical framework for understanding and caring for wounded and hurting people. This course starts in January.  More information and a link to register is  below:


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In September 2023, I had the honor of being interviewed  on Health Hope and  Inspiration about my cancer journey.  I hope these encourage you.


God will always bless your faithfulness to holiness and maturity. The blessing may come differently than you think!