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Finding Grace Along the Roads of Life

Bob's Cupboard
Living In-Between Hurt, Hope and Healing
Liberation from Cancer’s Grip- My Father’s Last Journey
Missional Living: Becoming a Broken Healer in a Wounded World
Pictures of Hope and Redemption
Seven Silent Kllers

Discovering "Gospel" Freedom in Relationships
Introduction Pt 1

The Motivation and Maneuvering of Love Pt 2

Three Thieves Who Steal One's Joy. . .Pt 3

The Riskiness of His Peace Pt 4 

The Gospel Power of Patience Pt 5

A People Being Defined by Christ's Kindness Pt 6

Radiating a Glimpse of Heven Pt 7

The  Unexpected Road  Pt 8

Gentle Power Pt 9

Being Self-controlled in Conflict Pt 10

Becoming Safe Places for People's Souls Pt 11

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Embracing Love- Book
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