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Finding Grace Along the Roads of Life

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Discovering "Gospel" Freedom in Relationships
Living In-Between Hurt, Hope and Healing
Liberation from Cancer’s Grip- My Father’s Last Journey
Missional Living: Becoming a Broken Healer in a Wounded World
Seven Silent Kllers

Pictures of Hope and Redemption
Devotional Series: Pictures of Hope and Redemption

This devotional series is called "Pictures of Hope and Redemption." We will look at the way God is redeeming our story through his story- specifically seeing it through the pictures of 9/11.

In the midst of tears, there is hope. In the midst of reflection, there is sobriety. In the midst of struggle, there is perseverance. In the midst of reconstruction, there is renewal. As we remember the story of 9/11, may we find renewal in the gospel story- that through the sufferings of our God we have found the power of eternal redemption and a world that will one day never shed a tear again.

I hope this series will encourage you in your personal story

Remembrance and Reflection Pt 1

A Peaceful and Purposeful Life Pt 2

An Unexpected Destruction Pt 3

Honoring Loss and the Courage to Grieve Pt 4

The Hidden Cross Pt 5

The Blue Rays of Hope Pt 6

Five Marks of a Reconstructed Life Pt 7

Future Pictures: Redemption of the Soul Pt 8

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