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Finding Grace Along the Roads of Life

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Grace for the Soul

You Know You Have a Friend

You know you have acquaintance when they say, “Good day” and know your name.
You know you have a friend when they say, “Good day,” and ask you “Are you ok?” 
You know you have a good friend when they take time to say, “Good day, May I join you in your hardship today?” 
You know you have a great friend when they initiate a call and say, “Hey, how is your soul today? Can I suffer with you today?”
You know you have a best friend when they pray, pursue you and say, “Hey, how is your heart and soul today? Can I carry you, hold you, cry with you and suffer for you today and walk with you to a better tomorrow?”

 Steve Benson ©2013

The Healing Power of the Gospel

The healing power of the gospel for any wounded soul is to focus on the wounds of others instead of self-medicating in their own sorrows. For being missional in living allows us to see the harvest of people screaming to be found, to see the masses in decay and to be involved in death being turned into life. What a calling of the gospel!!!

Steve Benson ©2013

View of Suffering

There are two ways to view your personal suffering:

1) Suffering will cause you to cry out to THE God of grace which will ultimately redeem your life. OR 2) Suffering will cause you to cling to YOUR gods of ingenuity which will ultimately destroy your life.

Steve Benson ©2013

Emotional Maturity

The Gospel produces a spiritual power which allows us to grow in emotional maturity, gives us awareness to have relational consistency in order to love other people in their story. If our inner emotional relationship with self and God are in chaos then our outer relationships with others will be in chaos as well.

Emotional Maturity only comes when we grieve our pains, understand the true nature of our brokenness (not just intellectually but deep down in soul) and show forth the true sorrow of repentance in changing how we relate with others on a daily and sometimes minute basis.
Steve Benson ©2013
Christmas Grace

The story of grace begins with the promise of a baby's face
takes significance in the journey of God walking with man
comes to a climax with the nails in the hands
and comes to fruition with redemption of brokenness
For in a little manager there is power of mercy and rest!

Steve Benson ©2013

 Engaging God's Kingdom

Engaging in God's Kingdom process will always be uncomfortable. God's kingdom does not allow us to relax in our laziness, excuse our excuses or remain in stagnation. If we are in the same exact place as last year, last month or even last week then we must wonder: are we engaging in God's kingdom or creating our own??!! 

Steve Benson ©2014

"The blessings of the Christmas season is the reminder
  that Jesus came into our world to love the lonely,
  hold the disheartened and become a wounded
  Savior for a broken world" God is with us!

Steve Benson ©2014

God is a God of redemption. 
He redeems brokenness. 
He revives dreams.
He wipes our tears.
If you want to find restoration-

Steve Benson ©2015


Friendships main motivation is not to gain power, stay in control or to promote oneself.  Healthy friendships goal  is the loyalty of a soul toward  another's spiritual and emotional maturity. When you find a person who loves you enough to confront your immaturity, you have found a best friend.
Steve Benson © 2015

Living in self-protection can look safe but in reality it is a very dangerous life filled with immaturity and sadness.
  -  Steve Benson

"God loves to  redeem your brokenness and lead you to wholeness."

"Avoidance and self protection cannot operate in the sphere of the gospel of grace. 
Grace by its very nature is confrontational and acceptive at the same time. 
Grace confronts your deepest longings by inviting you into acceptance at your greatest point of need."

"Crisis will either change your character into holiness or cement your character into foolishness."

Steve Benson ©2017

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