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Finding Grace Along the Roads of Life

Meet Steve Benson MA, MDiv, LPC-S, LCAS
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Fee Structure                                                                                                                                      
Initial Diagnostic Assessment: 60 - 90 minutes                  $110.00
Addiction Assessment                                                         $110.00
Marriage Counseling:60 minutes sessions                            $95.00
Family Therapy:60 minute sessions                                      $95.00
Individual Session: 45-50 minute sessions                            $85.00   
Note: The client will be charged at the agreed upon amount and time for each session. If the session goes over at the discretion of the counselor, the client will not be charged an extra amount.
   I also have a sliding scale based upon individual need and income levels for those who desire financial assistance. This fee will be worked out with clients on an individual basis. A person can qualify for a sliding scale after the initial assessment session. Furthermore, I offer a lower rate not only because of the partnership with Church at Denver and Freedom Church but also because it is a means of grace to provide counseling to those in need who may not be able to afford other alternatives.
Cancellation Fee:
There may be occasions that you need to cancel because of unforeseen circumstances.  If that is the case, please call or e-mail me. We will schedule another appointment.  If you cancel with less than a 24 hour notice a fee of  45.00 will be charged to your account.  If you miss the appointment without  notice, a full schedule fee will be charged.

Our Story
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