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Finding Grace Along the Roads of Life

Discovering "Gospel" Freedom in Relationships
Living In-Between Hurt, Hope and Healing
Liberation from Cancer’s Grip- My Father’s Last Journey
Missional Living: Becoming a Broken Healer in a Wounded World
Pictures of Hope and Redemption
Seven Silent Kllers

Bob's Cupboard

Bob's Cupboard was a series of devotionals that my father wrote reflecting upon his life journey and the lessons that he had learned.  He wrote them for his work quarterly newsletter.  My father passed away in July 2009.  I hope you enjoy.

Farmer Brown Pt 1

Don't Quit Pt 2

Starters and Spreaders Pt 3

The Game of Life Pt A: Winning Isn't Everything Pt 4

The Game of Lfe Pt B: Unlimited Potential Pt 5

The Game of Life Pt C Being a Friend Pt 6


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